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I am in Eugene Oregon and have been keeping nano reefs for the past two years, after thousands of dollars and countless more hours spent babying my different tanks I have decided I do not have the time to keep my tank how I would like it so without further ado... Everything Must Go! Here is a link to my tank thread on nano-reef.com. The most recent full tank shot is on the third page.




I am keeping the tank and the light for now. I also have an extra 20 lbs of LR left from an old tank I took down. Make offers! discounts if you buy bulk! Please e-mail me with offers or questions about my reef inhabitants.



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Price Update


Thanks, Sorry about the misunderstanding...


Galaxea Coral- 25

PInk Acan 12+ Polyps plus LR- 50

Green Montipora plus LR- 35

Trumpet Coral 30+ Polyps plus LR- 40

hydnophora- 30

Yellow Plate- 20

Armor of God Zoanthid 30+ polyps- 100

Frogspawn 8+ polyps- 50 (with sexy shrimp)

Scolymia (not doing so well)- 20

various other Zoas- 1 dollar/ polyp OBO w/ LR

Green mushroom rock- 25

purple mushroom rock- 40



Tridacana Crocea- 40

Randalls Shrimp Goby- 15

Mis banded all black True Percula Clown- 25

Lawnmower Blenny- 10

Massive Emerald Crab- 10


All prices open to negotiation.


I really hate to see all this stuff go... strangely the little lawnmower will be the hardest to part with, he has been with me from the begining, two full tank crashes and various upgrades. He is a trooper, please don't reply to this if you don't know how to care for these beautiful animals. - Nate


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Bundle Price!


If Someone wanted everything I would sell all the livestock, Corals, Fish, Invertabrites, which includes a CUC. All the rock including the extra 20lbs. my aquaticlife nano skimmer CPR Aquafuge light and anything else I have to keep saltwater tanks. Bag of Salt and Bag of Sand, Hydrometer, plus a slew of other small items for $500. You can have everything! (except the tank and the light)


Here is a Youtube video of my tank. I think 500 is very fair but make a reasonable offer if you dont.



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