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Salt mix test


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I've found this interesting test conduced by an italian online reef community.


Even if the text it is in italian, it is ready to understand, I mean the tables with numbers lol

Check out the tables for ph, alk, amm, phosphates and so on.

I like that they used 2 test kits (salifert and elos). Interesting also the difference obtained with the test kits (check out for instance the 2 readings of Calcium for Kent).


There are some salt mixes that we don't have here, but most of them are available here too.

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Calcium and Alk were both quite a bit off on the Kent. I was having issues with their salt recently and it has been dropping but I wonder if my kit is off as well? I've been using the ELOS but it appears in this test that they run a little higher on the Calcium test as well. Mabye I should get a salifert and try it out against the ELOS kits.

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as long as your #'s are consistent, switching test kits isn't really going to prove anything. the only way to truely figure it out is to have a lab test for it. all that switching test kits will do is show the differences in the manufacturers methods for testing. if you suspect a bad test kit then testing should be compared to the same brand and type of test kit.

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