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My DIY 25g Rimless display.


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Well, thanks to my beautiful wifes support, I decided I'd build a new system after a few years out of the hobby. I figured I'd share my progress. I had a 20t bowfront, but it didn't suite my tastes, so I decided to go ahead and build my own tank.


The goods.



I had a bookshelf I was going to use as a stand after some modification. This put me in a spot, because the central divider would require me to have two small sumps, instead of one large one. I achieved this by drilling a hole in the divider and connecting the two sumps with a 2 1/2" bulkhead.


Sumps completed, and water tested. No leaks! 13x13x10.5", made out of 3/8 acrylic.



I wanted a rimless tank, but know that acrylic isn't exactly the best material to make a rimless tank out of. I contacted a few local tank builders and they said I should be safe using 1/2" cell cast material. The tank itself is 25x15x12.5". I don't see any bowing yet.


Building the tank.



Gluing the bottom.



Routing the overflow baffles.



The finished project.



Pretty clear seams for a noob right?!



The overflow plumbing in place.



Everything where it goes.


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The first frags going in.



Already not real happy with the sump/stand situation. Considering some diferent options. I need more clearance, and I don't like the two seperate sumps. No room for a skimmer, so on. Just trying to decide if I should spend the money to fix this, or just be happy with it now and save for a bigger tank.

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