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Putting some feelers out.....


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I'm throwing some feelers out before I commence to fragging in the morning...


I'll have pics up within 24 hours....


I've got:


Jokers - $15 per frag - 3+ polyps per frag - 4 frags available


Seafoam palys - $5 per frag - 5+ polyps per frag - should have 5+ frags available


Armaggedons - $10 per frag - 2+ polyps per frag - 2 frags available



If anyone is interested in these, let me know



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Ok, so far, I've got 4 frags of the jokers spoken for, if you want any let me know and I'll put you on the list for as soon as the colony grows out more, 2 frags of the Arms/AOG's spoken for, and a frag of the seafoams spoken for, once things open up, I'll get an accurate count on whats gonna be available an we'll go from there.

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Ok, looks like I'm all out of frags LOL I do have a couple more frags of the seafoams if anyone is interested, but for everything else, it's gonna be a few more weeks before I frag again. If anyone else is interested in the Joker's let me know and I'll start a list.


Thanks all.



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