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I just saw something brand new to me and my tank! Walked by to see a pink "thing" stick itself out of the rock a spew! While it took me a second to get over the "[language filter] did I just see!" moment. I noticed that a bunch of little bristle worms poked out and began spewing too!


That's right bristle worms spawn just like corals in mass! Wonder what set them off? Since corals and clams do this under cover of night and my tank is at full light.


Unknown years in this hobby and I see something new! Very cool but it was over before I could get the camera.

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Very cool Michael too bad no pictures. That's the one thing about this hobby is that the average person knows so little about what goes on in the ocean. I was amazed the first time I saw my clownfish host an anemone and even more amazed when I watched her feed it.


There should be a rule that you should have a camera ready at the tank at all times!

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