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Frag swap? sell and trade? for Sat meeting!


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We should ask Tim if he minds. Some places don't like it when we trade at meetings held in their shops.


If you are a shop owner and offer to hold a reef club meeting you must assume there will be trading and swapping going on.


Now on the other hand just meeting at a LFS to do a swap, sell, trade without asking is just rude.


I agree with Randy on this one and I am am 99.9% sure that Tim will not mind.


Tim are you listening?

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I kinda felt bad one day when I was meeting someone at SWF to trade some frags. I went and talked to Patrick about it and he basically said he knows it goes on and doesn't mine. He in a way likes the idea that people come and hang around his place.


If you don't get people into the store you don't sell stuff. O and the after trading with me he went in and spent 60 bucks in the store and made me feel good.

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