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Can Garlic kill Xenia?


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So all my parameters seem to be fine and the only thing that I've changed in my tank in the past week or so has been dosing with garlic for my trigger and tang with ich. I'm not too worried since it's xenia but I thought it was a little odd that all three types I have in my tank are almost gone now.


Any ideas?

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Thats how it looks after they eat it. Bobby (tat2d) had sexy shrimp eat his xenia and it just looked melted. I've heard emerald crabs eating xenia as well.


Kind of odd that they decided to start doing it now? Oh well...(laugh)


I'm sure your right. Everything else in the tank looks great and I'm getting all sorts of new growth on my chalices, zoa's, favia, leathers, acans, etc...


I've heard that emeralds can be bad tank mates so that's probably what it was. I did just loose one emerald the other day so maybe he ate some bad xenia...(laugh)

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Try checking at night and see if you can catch em in the act. Sometimes they just decide to take a taste and then go to town. Could be right after being introduced to the tank, or it could be after a few years sometimes. Never can tell really.


If you can get a pic of it eating the xenia you might be able to sell the crab as a xenia eating machine!! People would PAY for that!

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Garlic doesn't do much to xenia but works best on werewolves...




Nah... garlic is for vampires. I bet your aquarium is vampire free now!


For werewolves, silver bullets are probably your best bet. (whistle)


For xenia... yeah, you probably got a hungry critter. I have something that is munching on mine at night. I suspect it is a hitchhiker crab, but I have not seen the suspect in several months.

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xenia's like dirty water, its possible your water was too clean ;) from the major tank change and water change. Also solitary xenia is prone to die off after about a year but when they die off they usually release new ones that may show up in the tank somewhere else. If your xenia walks, it will reproduce as it moves so you won't see the colony die off. usually it can reproduce faster than it dies if your tank parameters are right. my guess is that it is not foul play if you have not seen it happen.

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