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Candy apple reds! Nuke greens! and Purple deaths!


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Nice frags at nice prices!(clap)




Candy apple reds! Nuke greens, purple deaths and more! Will take trades and can deliver to meeting next Saturday at Tim's


Candy apple reds(drooler)


Candy Apples sold! Whew that was fast!


Wonder Woman zoas: 2 polyps 5$ x 2, 4 polyps and baby 10$ x2, 3 polyps 6$

1 10 dollar frag sold to Reefit and 1 5$ frag to JGF(mick) Only one 5$ frag and one 6$ frag left and one 10 dollar frag!


Would you buy these if I called them Superman zoas?!!!;)(laugh)

Oh wait I hear superman is taken.. How about Spiderman zoas? ;)(laugh)




Purple deaths 6 polyps 24$(clap)Sold to DavidB




Nuke greens!3 + 2 babies 15$(rock2)Sold to David B!




Blue tubbs colony WYSIWG, Sold to reefit






Pink and green chalice only 20$



Clove polyps 10 dollars a rock 10 to 15 polyps per rock minimum 10$ each!

1 frag sold to David B 1 frag to JGF (Mick) only 1 frag left!



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What you have as Mango's I believe is Miami Hurricane's or Green Bay Packers....I dunno' date=' I get em confused one has green skirt the other has red. Either way very fair price.[/quote']


They look like Green bay packers. I got them from TECO. Jody calls them mangos.

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Miami vice are more red mouth, blue ring, then green fingers. Green bay packers have longer fingers than those it seems. I'd stick with Mangos for now lol.


The one's I took pics of that I can peach and greens are probably Green bay packers too. We all just have a morph most likely.


Either way they are sold to BrianB

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I'll take the Nuke greens as well. :)


You got it David! I have you down for one clove polyp frag, purple deaths and nuke greens(clap)


Come on now Kim' date=' you gotta get me a frag of those CAR's and maybe a frag of the cloves, it gives us an excuse to come see you guys anyway :P[/quote'](clap)


Candy apples is spoken for Mick. Will have to wait for the mother to grow some more. We still have not forgotten about the red hawaiian pe either.

Will hold a clove polyp frag for you. no problem. They are looking nice in the new solana.


gotta laugh call them what you want but when they leave me there Mango's debate all you want lol.But heres the realty buy what you like and how there priced not the name.


Agreed Jody, though the debate was highly entertaining and gotta love all the free bumps that went along with it. (laugh)Thinking of changing the name of the wonderwoman zoas to something more macho to drum up interest!(laugh)

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LOL Aww hell Kim, throw us a frag of those too, I've gotta do some rearranging and cleaning of the tank next water change, I'm hopin stuff pulls through it ok :P


Also gotta glue frags to the rocks, stupid crabs are upsetting em, and had to banish both of the emeralds to the sump, the one killed one of the new blennies, and we caught the other attackin the clowns tonight, so he got banished too LOL

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