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decide to sell my 34g and equipment..


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I was going to keep my equipment so i can start my tank up again in a year or 2 but I think im gonna go bigger when i do so I'm just gonna sell everything...


34g Solana-$80obo SOLD

solana stand-$50 SOLD

24" Outer Orbit 1-150W MH and 4-24w T'5 with Phoenix 14k MH bulb and ATI t5 bulbs-$150 SOLD

Tunze Osmolator 3155 with extra pump-$130 SOLD

Reefkeeper Lite with 2 PC4's, SL2 module, pH probe,and temp probe-$140 SOLD

Vortech MP10-$140 SOLD

Unused BRS 2 part small total package-$30 (comes with Half gallon jub of Ca, Alk and Mg along with 3 1g jugs and dispenser caps) SOLD

BRS half gallon jug of Bituminous Carbon(only used twice)-$5 SOLD

Unused BRS RO/DI color changing resin (1.25lb)-$9 SOLD

160g Seachem Reef salt(only made 15g with it and so it will still make 145g) and 160g Instant Ocean salt(has like maybe 1/3 left)-$30

Azoo Dual fan-$8 SOLD

10g tank-$5

JBJ 18w PC light(great fuge light)-$7 SOLD


test kits I have:



Iron (new)

Phosphate (used 5x)

Copper (new)

Marine Basic (half left)

All for $12 or $4ea


Salifert: ALL SOLD

Phosphate (used only 5x)

Alk (over half left)

Calcium (over half too)

All for $16 or $6ea






Refractometer-$20 SOLD

same one as this:http://www.fosterandsmithaquatics.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=3578+4690+9957&pcatid=9957

New Reefkeeper Temp probe-$10


Giesemann 24w t5 bulbs:

PowerChrome Actinic Plus SOLD

PowerChrome Pure Actinic SOLD

PowerChrome aquaflora

All used for about 4months-$5 each


ATI 24w t5 bulbs: BOTH SOLD

Aquablue special(brand new)-$14

Blue plus(used for $4mo)-$10


HM EZ TDS meter-$8 SOLD



Bulk Reef supply Fragging tools:

Ocean wonders 6" stony coral bone cutters(new)-$8

Ocean wonders 6" soft coral cutting scissors(new)-$8

Ocean wonders 6" coral forcepts(used a little)-$5


Random chemicals:

16oz Kent tech-M(only a little left)

8oz stress coat (new)

8oz Kent Iron(only used 3x)

8oz Seachem Reef Calicum(new)

8oz Garlic Guard(3/4 full)

$15 for all

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solana stand sold!


still have the salt special! $35 gets you a mostly full 160g bucket of seachem reef salt and a 1/4 full 160g bucket of Instant ocean salt! so if you need salt this would be great..


I also have some supplements and test kits available too..if your looking for a certain one let me know. i have some seachem and some salifert kits

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