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WTS: frogspawn, favites, magicians, cloves, pdeath, birdnest


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Some stuff for sale.


Frogspawn Coral, 3 heads, nice size and vibrant color $ 15 SOLD KIM



Magicians 3 polyp, $20 SOLD REEFIT



John Dakan's Caleido Cloves, fluorescent green and orange, purple petals, 4 polyps, $30 SOLD Vicarious Cynic



Purple Death, about 8 polyps colony, $35 SOLD rgrcrain


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Thanks to all of you! Pm sent to everybody interested.

It was nice to sell all this stuff quickly... today I spent $200 in plumbing for the new sump and frag tank! (I hope Jamie is not reading this message lol). Kim, as you can see I'm still super addicted, and I'm holding some frags for when you are gonna be able to buy again ;)

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No there has been alot posted since you said no for a month. Think everyone is trying to tempt you. Grassi-- if you sell more of the cloves let me know. Would like to buy a frag.


I have a few frags of the cloves left, pm me.


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I'd like the cloves' date=' my tanks only 3 1/2 months old but I have torch and a candy cane that are healthy and growing. I'm passing through Portland tomorrow, for a wedding with a van full of kids. I have the week of the 6th off and would come up and get them then. What do you think?[/quote']


Sounds great! What time do you think you are gonna be here?

We live in NE (Alberta)

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