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tank make over


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So I was having some nitrate problems in my 12 gallon bio, and it just wasn't going away. no matter what I did. it always came back. I finally figured out what my problem was. It's one of my tanks that has a plenom in it. Most my other tanks have sand in it. I wasnt able to get to the bottom to clean out the debree, so today I broke my entire tank down, and moved everything temperarly into my baby clown fish tank and I put in about two inches of aragonite sand in. It wasn't as small of mm sand as I wanted but they didnt have the sugar size grain aragamax I wanted, and at this late hour of night you take what I can get. I got live aragonite .5-1.5mm size instead.though I didn't need live stuff. petco had it on sale and it was the smallest grain they had. I always forget how much sand really makes corals color pop..... And now I can also get another pistol shrimp and goby....yay for me.. It only took me an hour todo the change over. the tank is already cleared up...

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