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cleaning trick i learned in fry tank


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So my fry tank gets many cleanings and one of the parts to that is the bottom glass gets scraped with a credit card and then I suck up the yuck. I had this problem with not getting it all out of the water and it going to the tanks bottom.


Solution: I Took my walmart gift card. and I attached my fry tank siphon hose to it with tape. Hospital tape. seen below. and as I scrape the bottom of my tank, it siphones most the yuck before it can float away into the water.[ATTACH]8449[/ATTACH]



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i have a small gravity feed sucker that i put a small valve on to slow down the flow, most the time it sucks to much water depending on the size of the hose, so by controlling the flow i can spot clean without filling up my bucket with precious salt water. the other thing you can do is run the other end of the hose into your filter sock in your sump if you have one. i do that with my frag tanks as i'm sucking up crap off the bottom glass so i don't lose a bunch of water in a bucket for a few ounces of debris. thanks for the idea, it gives me some ideas to try on my setup.

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