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metalic star polyps


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So I had to do it. i had this small frag that soon turned into a beautiful rock of star polys. anemone however was getting a little irratated because he was loosing his rock and he was there first and the star polyps were starting to attach to everything so I got out my chissel and hammer and I broke the rock into pieces givin a few to my tad and his bigger tank and a few to my sister and her tank.


I could have sold the rock for at least $100 but wheres the fun in that and my anemone has been on that rock for ever never moved so I just wasnt going to mess with him..


and now there is just one and the anemone is so happy. but now I have more room in my tank and I will just have to get more rocks. what am I going to do with myself. Guess I get to shop more.. darn...(whistle)

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