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Lots of Prodibio


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I am not going to be using my Prodibio on the new tank so I have lots of everything. Not sure on the exact vials but I have at least a 30 pack of reef booster, 3/4 full of 30 pack of the Stronti+, Iodi+, BioDiget and Bioptm.

I'll get exact quantities tonight. Someone wanting to start this system in full I got everything you need.

I'll get pricing tonight I am thinking around $100 for everything depending on how much is left.

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I have available: (you don't need the stonti+ or iodi+ to start the system but they are great additives)

28 reef boosters $30

21 stonti+ $20

24 iodi+ $25

27 biodigest $30

48 bioptims $40


Sell it as a total package for $125. All items are less than 2 months old.



This system works. I did notice less algae and some added colors because of it. I am starting my new tank and for the first 6 months I won't be heavily stocking the tank and I will be going through the cycle process anyways. No need to waste time and money on this stuff at first.

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If your battling nuisance algae this is the easy way out. It simply works... if you use it as instructed. If anyone has dosing questions feel free to post here.


Should bring your phosphate and nitrate down to undetectable levels, just be prepaired to loose all algae, that includes refugium algae as well.

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