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Whats the best "all-in-one" Cube


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So im thinking about buying another tank for my zoos and some other softies. I wanna get one of the "all-on-one" cubes. Ive been looking at the Aquapod 24 because you can get a 150w HQI for it. I also ran across a new one by finnex called the M tank. Heres the link.






Looks like a nice tank but I can get a Aquapod w/HQI for a lot cheaper. Also I found out that the Tunze 9002 will fit in a Aquapod 24.


-LOOK- http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=103726


So let the debate begin. I want any info anyone has on ANY of the "all-in-one" tanks. Later Ryan

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Yeah the Finnex M 30G is a sweet tank. They are also $500+ w/150W HQI. Also I dont know of any stores that are carrying them locally.


The Red Sea is cool too but I havent seen it for any cheaper than $580 online. OUCH!!


Nanocubes suck from what I hear.


Oceanic Biocubes are nice but no 150w HQI.


Then there is the Aquapod. A couple hundred less than the Finnex and Red Sea. I like the 150w HQI option too. Hmmmm...


Im still gonna do a lot of research though. Ill decide soon. Later Ryan

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Yeah Ive seen the heat issues. I know a 150W over 24G is a good amount of light. I have AC too. Also I think a lot of the heat issues are caused by people putting too many powerheads . I see alot with 2-3 powerheads on top of a return pump and a skimmer pump. Ive seen as many as 5 MJ's in a Aquapod. I need to do more reasearch also :). Later Ryan

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the ones i saw issues with had stock return pump swapped out for either a MJ 1200 or a 900 and an additional one plumbed thru the false wall in left compartment. only two PH's. still major heat issues. what are you wanting to keep in this anyhow? I was going to go with the all in one style nano but i liked the closed top look and needed the light of the MH option which defeated the purpose since the top had to be removed.

If you just wanted softies or something check out nanocustoms.com or nanotuners.com they have some with upgraded light hoods and kits to upgrade em yourself. the hood upgrades are PC and they have better fans in em and some have around 130w of PC with moonlights

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Yeah true about the DIY 70MH. What I would really like to do is take regular glass tanks and make them all-in-one. Just put a false wall. Too bad no manufacturers make a 24"x24"x18" like tank that you could take the back 4-6" and do this with. I think it would be really cool. These guys kinda do it cause they offer the tank by itself. Later Ryan



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