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Sand and Tunze?


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I put the sand in last night, and this morning the Tunze flow bouncing off the mid front of the tank had dug a nice whole and left the rock lifts there totally exposed.


How do all you owners of tanks with sand and a strong pump deal with the blowing sand?

Are there better ways to direct the Tunze output?


Mine is in the left back corner, about 7 inches down from the top, pointing diagonally to mid front of the tank.

Should I bring it up higher?

Hang it on the side and have it point toward the opposite side?


When I had no sand, the pump never seemed quite as strong! :)

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If you're using sugarfine like my silica sand...good luck. My unmodded MJ1200's have to point at middle of glass or higher to keep sand from blowing around in piles. My solution is to suck out a little sand with each water change and eventually put something heavier in its place down the road. I have some "t"'s connected to mine with hose out each end so I can direct the flow easier.

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