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Frag swap??


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I am just curious if anyone going to the meeting has anything of interest to trade? I may have a couple of nice pieces. The first two pics are of a beautiful light purple piece. It is currently in the proccess of fully coloring back up from the switch from the frag tank to the main tank, but it is progressing quite well and shows every sign of being it's original color. The last pic is another stunning piece that has a bright yellow body with pinkish/peach tips. I am willing to frag both. I am mostly interested in other "nice" pieces more so than cash.





The pic really does not do this piece justice.



Under actinics this piece glows. It is stunning!


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Frags i have to trade: orange monticap w/purple polyps, green monticap w/white rim, a brightly colored green/brown galaxea frag, and an O.R.A. sps that im not sure what it is, its tealish blue /green and is very pretty, just don't know what the name is of it. I will get a pic of anything i have if anyone is interested. whatcha got?

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OK I'm going to bring some of the loose mushrooms, finger leather, and a good sps starter brownish digi that I have in the system. (sorry no pictures)


Since I'm going to move my tank and somewhat rebuild it after the New Year I'm not looking to trade for anything. If you are interested in any of these bring a few singles....I'll sell them for a buck or two each or even less for a bigger amount.


If no one wants these at the meeting they'll just go to a LFS as I don't want/need them. Most of you know who I am if not.........I'm the big, fat, bald guy. See you tommorrow!

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Stuff available


Have a lot of shrooms, blue green w/stripes, green w/ patches, green w/spots a couple of large pieces of hydnophora and a 1" x 2" piece of tan w/green edges plate coral. The camera I just bought last month. Trying to figure out how to shoot through glass! The photos are bad, sorry. the colors just didn't come out. Hope I learn something at the meeting!

Tank left:








Green Plate:


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I don't dare bring frags to share yet... I can dish some out when tank is in the clear in 4 weeks or so...don't want to spread the Hawaiian plague. I've got some brown/green zoos and a big star polyp rock that is spreading out/loose...any interest for next round, or does everyone in the world already have these :) Michael, I'll try to raid the piggybank for a few loose quarters, just don't tell my bookkeeper. I'm game for pretty much anything that will cover up live rock.

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