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drilling glass


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Its really not difficult. Tape the back side of the glass where the hole is to be drilled with duck tape. Make sure you have water running on the bit at all times to keep it cool. Start the hole with a portion of the bit to get it to bite in. This will keep it from jumping around on you. Slowly work the bit so all sides are touching and go slow. I let the weight of the drill put pressure on the bit. Pressing too hard won't work well. Take your time and it should be easy. Piece of cake! Oh, and make sure it's not tempered!

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What size tank and thickness? I just drilled MissDiffiance's 1/2" glass 125g for a 3 hole over flow and 4 hole closed loop. PM me I could work something out with you probably... :)



If this happens you should still have my bits or MD does. It is not really hard to do the first post pretty much says it all. And yes tempered tanks do not drill real well I found that out the hard way:D

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if i brought the glass to you' date=' could you drill a hole in a 3/32" piece?[/quote']


Me or someone else? The thinnest stuff I've drilled is 1/4" however I don't think 3/32 would be a big deal other than being careful not to apply too much pressure.

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Are you sure it was 1/2"? I've checked several and every 125g tank I've seen that wasn't custom built was 3/8".


yea this thing was a beast. It's the heaviest tank I have ever picked up before. I get the feeling it was custom made. Real wood trim around the tank too. We measured the coke bottle lens' after I drilled them out too. As you could imagine that thing took F O R E V E R to drill...lol



I'm going to the meet at roys so I could pick it up there if you want me to drill it. PM me if you are interested...:D

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