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spoted mandrin


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Picking up my spotted mandrin today from eric at liquid. Eric has had him for a long time. Travis says he's been eating frozen food, and he has a big full tummy. Im totally going for it. On the possitive note I have a butt load of copepods. my tank is infested with them. cause my clown fishes don't eat them, nor my red scarlet crab

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You won't have many of them for long. By some accounts mandarins can go through 200+ pods a day, if not more. And many say that the spotted, or target mandarin, is harder to get to eat frozen. And even if he is eating frozen, that doesn't mean you'll be able to keep up with his nutritional needs. You are talking about a fish that eats pretty much 24/7. Be prepared to start buying bottles of pods on roughly a weekly basis. And if he ever starts looking like his stomach has shrunk in, he's done for pretty much. In other words, I personally subscribe to the policy that they only belong in large, 100+g tanks with lots of live rock and a fairly large refugium. It is my personal belief that if you don't meet those criteria then you do not need to attempt a mandarin. They're population is declining rapidly in the wild and the majority of them do not live past 6-8 months in captivity. It is something you should think long and hard about before attempting to keep this fish. They also need calm tankmates, if you have any fish that are aggressive in anyway, it could easily kill the mandarin, simply by making its constant foraging a difficult and stressful task.


Just my .02 worth, take it or leave it.

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