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Tank Progression Shots - nnewhouse


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I found a lot of old pictures of our previous setup. I thought it might be cool to see how a tank transforms from beginning to end.


Our first saltwater tank (35 half hex) - Yes it is a bare bottom with HOB filtersDOH!





Our 90g upgrade
















Before we tore it down



These pics span about 5-6 years. You can see the difference in the 90 upgrade when we changed from bio balls to a sump/refugium. The livestock started looking much healthier. We hope you enjoy our little slice of history.

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Thanks for the comments everybody. It's pretty cool to look back on the years of reefing.


Nice progression shots. Great to see the growth of the corals. Looks like you changed lighting or bulb colors at some point cause you can see a color difference in pic 7 vs pic 6.


Between those photos we upgraded from PC to MH lights. It made a huge difference!

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