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Guaging interest in another club game\activity


Guaging interest in another club game\activity  

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So I have been thinking of other games or activities we could do that would promote education in the hobby while still being fun. This idea would be a bit different than the GOC theory but following in the same steps as far as education through competition. Basically what I am thinking is a "frag fest".


The way it would go down is like this. And keep in mind I am completely open to suggestions here....this is just an idea. We could have an entry of $10. Basically what would happen is we would be doing a group buy on a coral. But the competition part of it would be to see who could produce the most frags in a specified time period. Say we started with Ricordia....we all know you can cut them. So say we have a competition where all of us start with one polyp\head. Then we go for three months and see who has the most healed frags at the end.


Afterwards we either can run a group sale on another forum or you can keep yours or use them for trading power....and so on. I don't really know what we would do as far as prizes but maybe we could buy some with our group sale. I mean I can try and see if some sponsors would be interested in some sort of prize but I figured the frags you have made could either trade or sell their way into your prizes.....plus it will teach the players who aren't familiar how to successfully frag corals and propergate them. We could change corals every round if you wished.


Another thing is if we did do this there would most likely be a variation of color in Ric's so we could do a pull of the hat draw to determine picking order. We could get images of all of them before the meeting. We could also do something similar to the grow out going on for zoa's where we simply frag and divide amongst eachother so everyone gets at least one of each color or pattern.


I dunno.....just tossing it out there as an idea. If you guys are interested PM me for more details


IF this were to happen we could have the initial frag dispensing done at a meeting....at that same meeting we could have someone show everyone, say Grassi not that I have spoken to them but as an example, how to do it.


It's just a thought.

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again....all of this is just an idea. I figured the $10 because most of the deals on say Ricordia run around $10 a polyp or less. And if we do a large order we would get them cheaper and the remaining funds would go to shipping or simply divided back to the players.


I just figured quite a few of us would like to know how to do this. Plus we could potentially make money back off of this one. If it goes right everyone participating will learn how to do this and have frags left over after it's all over. Either that or it would be good practice.


If you have suggestions or input PLEASE post it in here.

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That right there is about the most awesome thing I have heard in a long time(rock2)


Price point is doable for everyone.


Ricordias just about everyone can keep.


Multiple frags when your done.


Mulitple Color varieties.


Easy to propagate.




Fast Cars.....Rock and Roll...............is there a down side to this????

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I like this idea. I have been wanting to learn how to do this. What a better way to figure it out. (clap)


That was my thought. I mean...keep in mind this is basically a group buy. I wouldn't imagine there would be prizes so to speak other than the results of the group buy\grow out or whatever you want to call it.


I figure if at least 12 of us are interested then we can do the group buy\grow out and see what happens from there.

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I think it a great idea I had thought of something like this before but a little different. I was thinking about one coral a month, with a 3 month grow out period. You must donate one frag of that coral to be raffled off to earn points. Then you would get awarded point for that coral at the end of the 3 months. Do this for a year and see who has the most points at the end. I don't think there is a need for prizes but if there is money left over from the group buy, raffle or if sponsors donate that could be used. It would be a great learning experience for people new to the hobby or that coral and exp. people will be able to test there skills and systems. I think of it like a breeding program for coral. One point per poly/mouth/head.

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