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What is this?


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I had a very small piece break off and get away from me it landed on a kenya and burn all the way thru, no great loss kenyas are expendable. The hydnophora is so bright and it glows like toxic waste at night. If anybody knows how to frag this let me know, and if you want a piece when I can frag it also let me know I would like to trade some for zoa's at some point.

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I have used a hack-saw, a diamond wheel on a dremel, a pair of sheet metal cutters, a hammer and chisel...


All you have to do is cut a large enough piece (a dime size piece is plenty big). If the piece is large enough to sustain itself with photosynthesis, it will live and grow.


Hydno has the reputation of having wicked long stinger tentacles. I have seen pictures of stinger tentacles coming out of hydno up to 9 inches. Some people have had "nice" hydnos that let something grow right up to almost touching it and then sending out the stinging tentacles to completely wipe the other coral completely off the map.


I keep a small piece of hydno in my tank so I can put it near other corals that I want to control their growth. It does a wonderful job at wiping out xenia, GSP, kenya tree, etc.



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