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clown fry


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So my baby tomato clowns are six days old now I'm trying baby brine for the fist time today just a little so we'll see.

I've been trying to give them spiralina and they seem to be eating it. Also I've been giving them iodine every day. since they are in a small tank ive been diluting it down to less than a drop. it's suppose to speed up metamophice so we'll see.


The tank is at a cool 79 decrees with no ammonia or nitrates yet. ph is low, and p gravity is at 1.019. they are swimming around. keep your fingers crossed. oh ya and for lighting I am using a reading lamp. and I have egg crate for the top of the tank.

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You need to culture ratifiers and brine shrimp too if you want to breed them. you should expect around 500 eggs and 50 sell able fish per try. But keep in mind saltwater breeding is not for beginners if you have never bred fish try guppies or freshwater fish first. you need to wait 3 weeks until they past metamorphoses that is the time they can be sold. you need to have enough room 10 gallons per fish so u need a lot of tanks. but if you want u can try.

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Thanks for your input but most of your information is a little off. Typically clownfish metamorphasis begins around day 8-12 (and not uncommon to start as early as day 6)and lasts approx 4 days. It is easy to have many more survive than 50 out of 500, but also very easy to have every one of them die.... The 10 gallons per fish is way overkill if you are just raising them large enough to sell. It is very easy to stock them at much higher density. In fact it is better to stock them at a higher density when they are maturing as it makes it more difficult for individuals to establish dominance.


As far as saltwater fish breeding clownfish are one of the easier species to try with. They have a fairly short larval cycle, spawn on a frequent basis, will take to dry foods at an earlier age, and are fairly easy to create pairs.


Also I have never heard of a clownfish being able to be sold at 3 weeks. Usually they can take anywhere from 14 weeks to 12 months depending on the type of clown and size/markings required to sell them.



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