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What a deal SPS 7 for $70 shipped!!!!!!


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so you think those are shopped? By how much?


I dont know, I just remember reading from that 400 post thread I threw together that mentions more time than once that a good way to tell is looking at the eggcrate-


Am I wrong, is my monitor, my eyes messed up???


It sure has a strange blue golw on my screen-


Who is Andy???


These I got plus a ORA Peach Granulosa 13.88 per frag 9 total from a Reef2Reef seller delivered yesterday;


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Looks to me like they've had their saturation bumped a bit, but nothing too egregious. Well, except for #2. Not sure that blue color actually appears in nature ;-) Either way, $70 seems like a pretty good price for the pack, even if they need some coloring up.

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