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WTT/S 20g Sump, 24in PC fixture, and over 200 polyps of Zoa's


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I am looking to sell or trade a 20g Sump pre-baffled and drilled, a great refugium light, and a pack of zoa's that I have been trying to unload to empty my sand bed for more stuff.


Here is the sump. I will snap some more pic's probably tomorrow now that it is out of the stand. $100 obo will trade for zoa's or Ricordia






Here is the zoa pack. $60 or trade for other zoa's or Ricordia Sold to Culp686

I have a colony of about 100 or more Whammin Watermelons, a frag of about 20 Whammin Watermelons, a frag of about 20 baby Green Bay Packers, a frag of 6 or 8 Orange Zoa's, and an acrylic sheet in the back with about 50 or so zoa's on there. I will have to re-count all the polyps in this pack but I am sure I am under-estimating the polyp count on some of them.

Here are some pic's

The Orange Zoa's mother colony


Green Bay Packers mother colony



Whammin Watermelon's mother colony




Whammin Watermelon actual colony


Whammin Watermelon's smaller frag actual piece but horrible pic


it has grown since this pic was taken


Coralife 20 Inch Aqualight With 1-96W 50/50 4-Tube Square Pin Base (with fans), needs new bulbs. $20 or trade. Sold to Culp686

Light retails for $129.99 at Marinedepot<--link Please keep in mind it needs new bulbs which is why it is only $20



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What are the dimensions of sump? Does the light fit on top of the back part only or the whole thing? Is there a separate area for a skimmer with bubble trap?


How much for just the 20 watermelon frag?


The small 20 I would let go for $5 but it would take away from the "pack" I guess I could probably substitute something to make up for it though.


I will have to messure the sump. I don't really know. If it helps it is inside a 48 inch tank stand. You can see from this pic where I had my skimmer


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Also on the back you can see a light. That is not the corallife light I have listed but it is about the same length. The corallife is a bit wider though. Both are 20" but the corallife is like 4 inches front to back where that light is only 2 inches


So correction. The light is only 20" not 24". I added a link to where you can see spec's of it.

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Well I have a 48 inch tank so it probably will fit. I don't understand all the slots from the picture so i'll probably have to see it. I am bidding on a skimmer right now that ends tomorrow so i am curious if that will fit in there as well. Does the light fit nicely on or is it too wide? Was it always drilled or is the 2 different pictures of both sides. Did you have a canister filter hooked up as well?

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It was drilled because the return pump was being run external. There is a ball valve on the end but I don't know about gate valve.....how do I check? I know dumb question right..(scratch)..I am a computer tech....so I know computers (naughty)not plumbingDOH!

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