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Your largest coral?


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I currently have 2 that are near the same size. These are the latest pics although there has been somne growth since these pics were taken.

First is the Pagoda Cup which I resscued from a tank last summer after the heat wave. It looked close to dead and now seems to be thriving. Without being able to actually measure it I would guess it has grown about 1/2" in diameter (7 or 8 inches now) and most of the 2 holes that were in it are filled back in. Here is the last pic I got of it:attachment.php?attachmentid=5691&stc=1&d=1251317940


Second is the fungia. This one varies from being a little larger than the fungia to being a bit smaller. When it is closed up it is around 5" in diameter and when it puffs up it grows to around 8 or 9 inches in diameter I've had this coral for 10 or 11 months I think. (Since shortly after DJL opened) Note that the coloring on this has changed considerably. When I got it most of it was a pale and almost white color with purple around the mouth and edge. For the first few months it stayed this way and other than extending the feeding tentacles it did not expand much. The pale color slowly darkened up to more of a rainbow color (I've seen the same one listed as a rainbow fungia elsewhere) and then it started reacting differently. Now it will regularly puff up to clean sand off and presumably to aid in feeding. Another interesting note is that while I originally fed this regularly I stopped doing so about 3 months ago and it actually has grown more since that time than it did before. (I now allow it to just filter feed)


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