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Gramma brasiliensis, tri color anthias Pseudanthias rubrizonatus


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I have 2 fish to rehome due to switching over to a wrasse friendly tank. Both fish are large and territorial, especially at feeding time. Both have been fine with eachother, the tang, firefish, scooter blennies but kept timid wrasses from eating. Might be friendlier in a larger tank, they were in a 55.


Gramma brasiliensis looks like a huge royal gramma, no yellow lines on the face. This one is about 3" long and I suspect is female. $15




Tricolor anthias/Pseudanthias rubrizonatus is full grown and 3 shades of pink. Like this one


fat and happy $25

Don't have a good photo of him but here is proof I have him



Both fish are healthy-no ich, no fin or skin damage and eating anything I offer. Reef and invert safe. Anthias needs a varied diet, larger tank and high flow.


Not available til weekend as I have flu! yech. Quarantine me.




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Yup... got 2 birdsnests hanging there. First was an experiment in growth rate and direction, and to get it close to the light, and because this 55 was supposed to be a "temporary" thing but it ended up being together years. Read about doing this in the Calfo propagation book, it was fun. Growth phenomenal. Probably will crack them in half tomorrow and attach to rocks though.


PS would anticipate the accidental production of "frags" after cracking these in half...

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I did break some pieces off the birdsnests when I moved them into the new tank so when they are a little more settled in will definitely hook you up and should have more gorgonians by then too. I have 3 frags established but would cut a larger piece to be able to offer something with branches.



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