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Getting out....for a while. 60g Setup FS


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Hey everyone,


I'm selling my 60 gallon Seaclear setup (45g display 15-20g sump) with everything included. I simply don't have enough time to care for everything properly right now, and it would be a shame to let this stuff go. So, I'm looking for a good home for all of it.


Display tank is acrylic in good condition, roughly 36L x 20H x 18D. It had a builtin sump in the back, but I converted it to bypass the old sump so that I could use my own external sump. So, yes, it does have a builtin overflow.


The sump is divided and has a decent size refugium. There is no light on the refugium currently.





45g modified SeaClear

DIY stand w/ stained cabinet grade plywood on the outside w/ magnetic latching front panel

20g sump (29g AGA)




Lumatek 250w digital MH ballast w/ Sunlight Supply Reef optix Reflector and 20K bulb (don't remember the brand). The reflector is hanging from a DIY steel arm that bolts to the stand. It could easily be hung from a ceiling if you wanted. -$150



-mr deez


Koralia 2 and 3-$25


Pinpoint pH monitor (w/ 1 set of calibration fluid)-$50



Aqua medic Turboflotor protein skimmer-$100


Stealth heater-$10


2 Phosban Reactors-$20 each



ocellaris clown-$5


bicolor blenny-$10



mandarin (eats mysis and other prepared foods)-$20



red serpent star-$10



various snails-free w/ purchase








tons of mushrooms-$1-5 each

ricordias-$10-20 each





pink star polyps-negotiable-on the back wall of the tank-lots of it




lots of acans






a few different small colonies of zoas-negotiable


I also have lots of random stuff that would go with it, like 5 gallon water jugs, 40g trash can (for mixing water), scrapers, alcrylic cleaning pad, diy 2 part ca +alk, 10g glass tank, 1gallon magnesium, reef chili, frozen foods, at least one extra heater, nori, etc.


To see some pictures go Here


Asking $750 for everything and I'll help you take it down.


I also have a 125g TruVu acrylic setup that consists of the tank, stand, hood, lights, sump, and pump.

builtin sump, overflow, and return.

T5 and VHO lighting

72 x 18 x 20




Asking $500 for that.


If someone wanted to take everything, I will sell it all for $1000.


Please email me at sakkos09@gmail.com to inquire.


Feel free to make an offer on anything.





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There is one pic of the 125 in the album I posted. It's sitting in the garage right now not setup, but I can take other pics if you want. Anything specific you'd like to see?


Thanks, andy. I may end up parting it out sooner. I have someone coming to look at it this weekend and if that doesn't work out I will probably start parting.

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No word from the guy who was supposed to come take a look this weekend. If I don't hear back from him today, the parting begins. Unfortunately, I'm busy tonight and pretty much all day tomorrow. Sunday, however, is wide open. In the event that he either doesn't call or doesn't make an offer, everything is up for grabs beginning sunday. I will post my asking prices and people who are already in line in the original post to avoid confusion.

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Let the parting begin!


I will be around tomorrow evening and most of the day sunday. if you would like to come take a look, give me a call in advance. my cell number is 707.758.6693. I'm going to stick to the order in which you've shown interest in each item, unless I don't hear from someone for a while.



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