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Ok. Going to try this again. I think I screwed up the first time. I have a long tentacle anemone that I am worried about. It has been moving alot. Now today it has decided to lay down on the bottom of my tank. It is not attached to anything. It ate well and has its tenacles out. Looks good except for laying on its side. Just need to know if something is wrong. If so what can I do to try to fix this problem. My tank levels are right so I am dumbfounded.

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I knew what you meant in the other thread.


The LTA will need a little help to attach.


Scoop out a good sized handfull of sand right @ the rock/sand interface. Gently hold the LTA in place for anywhere between 1-15 minutes until it attaches. They usually like their "foot" partially attached to a piece of rock and slightly buried in the sand.


If it doesn't work the first time, try again.


Be sure to keep your powerheads off or put sponges in the intakes to prevent an LTA milkshake.

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