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Lots to trade - Zoa'z, spongodes, ect


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These are out of my personal tank and I am looking to do a little re-decorating with sps and lps. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not into the liniage/naming thing but I can tell you what they most look like or what the were sold to me as. I am not looking for a million dollars a polyp I would just like to trade for some nice, colorful sps or lps I don't already have. Let me know if your interested.


Pic 1 - ORA Spongodes

Pic 2 - Supposed to be Fruity Pebbles (pending mandinga)

Pic 3 - Look like Alfa and Omega (pending jadams)

Pic 4 - Eye of Rah (pending mandinga)

Pic 5 - Unknown to me (pending mandinga)









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They are very nice...my tank is pretty barren as I'm just getting started so not a lot to trade. A few small softies of no consequence...and some commons, no color really. Nothing fancy...but I can shoot you a PM if you are interested in "seeing what you can see". Let me know. Yours are really gorgeous, great job!!

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