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Total Exotic AMAZINGNESS!! Nick City Aquarium!! Garrettweisen!! and Andynator!!

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Huge day yesterday!! Whoa!! Ok, so...left eugene with Jon a.k.a newfisher at 230 yesterday. With my girlfriend enroute from medford with a donation that Total Exotic Corals contributed to my rebuild and had no idea till I got home at 11 lastnight that he would be so genorous!! He gave me 2 huge amazing birdsnest!! TOTAL EXOTIC CORALS, ROCK X2!!!!!! First stop on the Clay and Jon adventures in coral, trip of total amazingness, was Marks house (the guy who bought that insane reef tank!!) Picked up the PBT and Harlequintusk and a sixlined wrasse!! Thank god jon brought and inverter and an aerator!!! We were and still are, a little worried about the harlequin tusk!! But dude!! THese fish are amazing!! You should see the powder blue in my tank he is so beautiful and totally getting along with all the fishies!! Next stop Rose City Aquarium to meet the ANDYNATOR with the RBTA!!! Holy cow! Now those were a score!! I got a huge amazing, you should see the bubbles! And he contributed a monticap for free!! LOVE IT!! It's one of those purple rimmed ones!! I love it!! It's beautiful!!! And Nick!! Thank you for the amazing War coral, acro, and the blue tubs!! LOVE THEM!!! Jon and I went in to Rose City and started drooling! All we could do is ooooo and aaaaa!! We were on a budget gas, food etc....and couldn't do anything we really wanted to do and buy like everything in the store!! And so we are off flying thru drive ins to eat, smokin up cigars and speeding cause i needed to get back to eugene at a decent time!! I called and called amanda aka tankit and no response! I was flying down I5 and tried one more time not expecting her to answer, and bam!! She answered!! Guess shes been sick so yeah. Then we got there and saw her beautiful tank and I swooped up the 2nd best deal out of her tank! I now have a yellow tang that I got for 15 dollars thank you very much!! And I have dibs on the electric blue maxima!! Need money though!!! LOL! OK!! Now we really wanted to stay and talk but we were on a flight plan!! I was suppose to be home by 10!(wife) But, we had to hit garretts!! So we texted him and he was at dinner, couldnt make it. Then we explained we are just leaving Tigard and then he was like "Oh? Ok! I think i could swing it" So we roll by and holy cow mamas! He has some amazing stuff for amazing deals and he was a little buzzed! And I totally took advantage of it!! He ended up giving me some amazing corals!! We talked and bs'ed for awhile! Garretts a really great guy with a very calm assertive energy! If you have never dealt with him and had the experience of the "garage" sale! Then you might want to go do that! for your sake, not his, cause he's not in it for his! We coulda talked all night long if my car wasnt running and the fish werent in the car!! Had a blast!! Acclimated everything and all of it!! is happy and amazing and just heard from jon that the tusk slept in the sand lastnight and is doing awesome this morning!! Ok, off to clean my bulbs before the lights come on!! (rock2)

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