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Question - Regarding Bulk Heads - Help!


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I have a new tank that "looks" like it has a 1 in standard bulk head hole and a 3/4in standard bulk head hole. But....I have (2) Hayward 1in bulkhead which are larger than standard. DOH!Ugggh!


What would be the best way to solve my issue? :confused:

And...who wants to help fix the issue? My drill died and I need help!(icon)



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Yes... new bh!

Drilling the hole bigger is a pita. They suggest to cut and clue a little piece of acrylic (a "bridge") and then make a new hole on top of that. Didn't work for me :-(

I had to make an acrylic disc and glue it inside the hole. Then redo the hole with the bigger bit.

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The problem is the pilot bit,and the hole saw wobbling when getting started.. I'm assuming the holes are inside a built in overflow. If you can put a piece of wood wedged inside the bottom of the overflow then drill from the bottom of the tank that will work. You just need to get the hole saw started, once you have got the hole's started with the wood in place, you can remove the wood and continue drilling the rest of the way through.

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Up all night Frank?


I have a 1" drain on my 65g, it works O.K. Depending on how much flow you want from your return pump, bigger is better. 1" should handel about 600 gph.


My return is a 3/4", which is fine for my needs. Just keep it the same size from teh pump to the bulkhead.

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