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So here is the deal We found a whole bunch of mold in my new apt. I really doubt its from my tanks because I never had much problem before in other apt. I also got a dehumidifier for my other apt. Which I am running now. Though its pulling water out of the air it doesn't seem to be enough. I am allergic to mold so I have to do something drastic......


I will not get out of the hobby BUT I am thinking I may need to get rid of my 75 gallon and just have my bio cube for the time being. I don't plan on staying at this apt more than a year or 2 so then I can maybe custom build something or start all over at leased.


I want to see who might be interested in what? Equipment wise here is what I have to get rid of....

75 gallon glass tank built in corner over flow (tank was bought last summer and has been running since sept.)

Pine stand for it

29 gallon sump/fuge (custom DIY but works great) With internal return pump



Which is full of macro and grows out of control under the LEDs

Would like to get $500 OBO for the tank setup/no livestock....... (Better Mods?)

Lighting may sell dual 400 watt MH with mogul fixtures (not retro) and sunlight supply ballast. Also 1 new 400 watt 20K XM buld 2 weeks old at 8 hours per day. would like to get$400 for complete lighting. I have never used Actinics with these lights. I had a single 1 running on 29 gallon with incredible success and only use a single 1 right now to. It covers about 80% of the tank.




3 Bangii Cardinals $20 each

1 male lyre tail anthius $20

1 pink skunk clown $5

1 small yellow tang SOLD

1 scooter blenny ( I may keep?)



I know I am selling.

A few different small colonies of SPS

and......? Its hard to decide what to get rid of......


Also Have Gen X external return pump for sale. PD bout$100 at waves last summer. was only used few months before I setup new tank and did an internal pump. Sell for $75


I may just wait until this weekend and get the stuff I am keeping into the cube then figure out what wont fit......


Will also have quite a few pounds of LR some really nice pieces with tons of sponges (yellow and pink and black mainly)

Some do have a few aptasia I have Joes juice for but havn't had the time to get ride of yet.


Let me know if you might be interested in anything listed above and make me an offer. No GOOD offer will be refused!

Thank You,


503-679-5183 give me a call if you are in the tigard area and you are welcome to stop by. I live up on hill by Arbor Heights apts.

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"I am setting up a 75 right now!! Need the tang, and rock!! How much?"


I will be ready to start getting ride of stuff next week. Everything is OBO. Do not yet know how much but I have about 120-150 lbs in tank and bunch of smaller stuff in the sump.


"Let me know if you sell some sps."


I will be selling some SPS for sure. I have had them all since small frags and they are all now HUGE frags or small colonies. Millis, acros?, ORA green birdsnest, ?....... I will get rid of some and keep some.?????


"Amanda, whats the GPH rating on the return pump and what kind of pump is it? Also, what kind of powerheads do you have in the 75g?"


Will check the GPH rating on the Pump and type. No powerheads for sale tho. Those are small enough to keep in a box for new tank down the road. Sorry. If you buy the tank and setup I would through them in other wise I will not sell 'em pieced out.



"Sorry your getting rid of your 75 that i thought you just got. Still enjoying the purple tang though thanks."


Glad you are happy with the Tang. I did just buy the tank at Saltwater Fantaseas last summer for over $350! Just the tank! But I can't keep it up and don't have anywhere to store it down. Besides I may build a cube or??? Later down the road in couple years......(sad)

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Clay may be interested in trade for a tatoo if you can bring stuff to my house or something. I cannot get away to Salem any time soon. I have 2 kids and work a lot so it would have to be in the evening when my boyfriend is there to watch them or they are a sleep. By the end of the day I am way to tired to drive to Salem.....

I am looking for maybe a small seahorse...... Show me what you got!

I already have a horse head on 1 shoulder I think I want this on my ankle maybe 2-3" tall.

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As I said everything is Best Offer. Please do not ask how much just let me know what you would like to pay. Will try to get some pics up tomorrow maybe.


Might even trade for........ Whacha got???????


Like Ricordias or Small Calcium Reactor, Rare Zoos........

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I have a buddy that is wanting to set up a tank and he might be interested in the tank stand and sump if the price is right... I know you said not to ask how much and just make an offer but I cant make an offer for him so if you could just give a ball park figure on the stuff, i will pass the info on to him...

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I would love to trade ya and do your seahorse! I would have to ask a shop there if I could use their facilities though. It's against the law for me to tattoo anywhere that isn't state approved. I am sorry! let me see who is in Tigard and ask!! That would be awesome! And I am even further than Salem I am in Eugene. LOL!! Ya, know it's not that far, especially for something that is forever. I have people come all the way from georgia to get tattooed by me, even hawaii, and utah, and montana, and arizona and washington, even california and colorado. Whoa, that was fun to think about!



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Only reasonable offers please...... I do not have time to respond to all the $5 offers for stuff that cost me 6 times that! I am going to have to get rid of this stuff and I am giving everyone here first dibs before I go CL but please do not lowball me. As much as I do not need the cash I am not taking pennies on the dollar here either I am not in a hurry! I will go way lower than I pd for stuff I know how it works. But geezzzz!(nutty)

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