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Bug food, what are they?


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I've got a heavy infestation of what I think are copopods that are keeping my glass clean. Don't know if they're the good kind or the bad. They started when some Hawaiian seaweed was introduced and have multiplied to the point of cleaning the diatom off my glass. Was having to magnet scrape the diatom 2x/day to haven't had to scrape in a week, they eat it all up.


Picture attached of the white salt grainish sized bugs...the long blue skinny lines are not bugs, it's the major microbubble problem. (sorry, I don't have a zoom lens for a better closeup)

Are these copopods from people's experience? I wish my system wasn't so young, I'd get a Mandarin Dragonet to eat them up yum! Do twin spot gobies eat them? When I turned my pump off to stop the MBs, a damsel can see them and eats them, but not that many.

As of now, all fish are out of my display and want to figure this out before putting them back.


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yeah... if they are eating diatoms, no worries about them being parasitic.

Bring some to the meeting Sunday. I have some phytoplankton cultures going, and would like to get a few zooplankton (copepods, rotifers, etc.) cultures too.

I would bring you as many as I could scrape up, but I doubt you've been reading my emergency forum thread about "Ich and something else".

What ever Hawaiian bug that all my fish have got at this point, you don't want or you would pretty much be kissing all your fish goodbye during the following weeks like I have been. I'm so frikin P!$$#D, I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.

I wouldn’t chance it, who knows what may be floating in the water still..and you may never forgive me if I passed this on to your tank.

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