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Well, after having a sea apple in my tank succesfully for over a year, the addition of a large blue tang to my tank was the sea apples demise. I'm really not sure what happened but not long after adding the tang, my sea apple began to move for the first time since being placed in the tank and I noticed all of my sps starting to die... QUICKLY... Before I could put 2 and 2 together, all of my sps were gone. EVERYTHING... All of my fish survived and are doing fine as well as some zoas and a few lps. So I've decided to start over. I have really lost my will to keep sps anymore as I don't think I could handle another meltdown of this magnatude so I've decided to do an lps dominated tank with a couple of sps thrown in maybe.

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As I understand it, sea apples when under stress or about to die will release a venomous poison into the water column that can kill fish as well as corals. Sounds like it released just enough to kill the SPS but not enough to kill fish or the more hardy LPS

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