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Recent Tank shots


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simply beautiful man, just one suggestion








Thats not gonna happen-or

"looks doubtful" as my Magic 8 ball tells me


tank looks awesome' date=' getting a pretty nice chalice collection there ;)[/quote']


Thanks ,sadly chalices are so spendy at times, we cant buy more than an eye or two-

It will be sweet as they all grow out-(clap)


Nice selection of corals!


Thanks Alex-you guys have some great stuff as well!


Nice variety' date=' Looks really good!. You're going to have one full tank when those all take off!![/quote']


That's what I keep telling myself, and I cant wait-hrglss.gif- Its hard to tell if they are growing when you stare at it every day-Actually that is why I took all those pics-I like to do that once a month and add them to my "Tank shots" folder by month-its funny looking back


Something appears to be wrong with your Ricordia rock though....you should bring it over to my house for a while...just before I move....or just tell me when you work next


Nothing CAN come out of my tank-I used epoxy to glue all the rocks to each other most of the top ones-not the base-And I agree those rics, are doing rotten-they keep splitting.

My RBTA did that under stress-Somehow I think these guys/gals are not stressed-(laugh)


Thanks again folksthumb.gif-


Now where's all your tank shots???

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