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PH Monitor


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So How many Monitors do you guys have. I am looking into buying a PH Monitor, and I have heard some people have one in a catch basin for there Efluent from the Cal Rect. Then I wondered, should there be another be in the sump to check how they are evening out?

What do you guys do???

Maybe someone has a cool Monitoring setup for sale ?

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I have one in the tank and one in a small "cup" the CR effulent runs into then overflows out. I think you would need a controller to get any benefit out having more than one. If you just buy a pen or other Ph monitor you can check the tank and the effulent daily or every few days

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I have the probe from my PH controller that runs the solenoid to my Calc reactor in a probe holder that reads the effluent and trips the solenoid on when the PH hits 6.8 and then off at 6.6-this is strictly for my Ca Reactor.

In addition I have a PH Monitor in the sump to read the display tanks PH.


To seperate probes to for two seperate apps. both made by Marine Pinpoint.


PH controller;



PH Monitor;


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