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50 different Acans for sale on R2R-1000.00


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The trouble with opening up a saltwater shop is that you are competing with 14 year olds and 70 year olds that don't mind making $3.00 an hour and instead of a B&M they can run it out of their living room or garage. I think there are a lot of us that would like to do it just for the love of the experience but I wonder if that would wear off if your income depended on it?

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It may bring in 30k' date=' but he is still losing money. No one sells a business for less than 3 years profit (minimum).[/quote']



Just because he brings in 30k a year does not mean that its profit. you would have to minus out from that cost of doing business heck he could even include what he charges for shipping in his total sales


FYI I buy small pest control company's to acquire their route. If they have guaranteed contract route revenue worth a 100k a year my first offer is .50 on the dollar.

If anyone knows of one I am always buying!


edit I miss read you statement.

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