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Where can you get a precise syringe?


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I went into Fred Meyer and told the pharmacy tech that I needed a few syringes - it was not a problem. I don't think they believed me when I told them I wanted the syringe and needles to shoot up some bad corals (zoas that were taking over). I still think she thought i was a druggie. ha ha ha

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If you are asking for a small quantity of the larger syringes, like 5cc or so most pharmacies will sell to you as the IV drug users generally use the small insulin syringes that only measure up to 1cc. They definitely should sell them to you if you tell them that you dont even need the needle, just the syringe body to accurately measure something.


If you get desperate and cant find any, let me know and I'll get you some from my pharmacy...you'll have to drive up here to get them though :(

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In what increments are they able to measure to?


Certainly No offense intended, but if your experience level doesnt have you with at least 8-10 syringes laying around from, for example..test kits 0-5ml..some 0-6ml..AP-X 0.5-2.5ml...Mag test 0-2ml etc,ect I would'nt be looking at Vodka Dosing. But as said above you can go into any pharmacy, like Albertsons, I did and just ask for one

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