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WTS 180 starphire tank w/metal stand


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180 gallon tank for sale.(24" x 24" x 72") 1/2" Starphire viewing panes (front & sides)

3/4" back and bottom. Vinyl blacked out back. 4 bulkhead holes on

back right corner (1) 2.5" hole on top then (3) 1.75" holes below.

Eurobraced top perimeter with center brace.

Strong full metal back angle iron stand stands 37". powder coated alum. corner braces added for visual interest not to hold together. I added to be able to clean past the viewing window. So as to have a nice clean picture windows and not silicone to look at.

Clear silicone construction.

Beautiful reef set up!

Selling because I went even bigger (325 gallon)


$800 / takes it away!!


Thanks for looking




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I had a overflow box siliconed into the corner with solvent welded plumbing.

So when I broke the tank down I just removed everything so it could be started fresh again. And not constrained by my plumbing job.

Since I "had" it plumbed through a wall to the garage.


I bought it new from a now defunked local pet shop.

Suspect it to be GCages. I had it full for about a year and a half. And has now been empty that long.



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Hey guys,

I have a newer chevy dually,unemployed and love road trips. If you guys come to an agreement including kicking down some lunch money and gas, I would be able to deliver as long as there is help on both ends with loading/unloading. Eugene to Bend to PDX and back is a nice drive!


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Very nice, if we had our own place, I would of bought it in a heartbeat, it was a super sweet deal lol.


You have another tank dont ya? If so, throw up some pics of it, start a tank thread and really get into the club, its a great group of people here and we're coming up with more and more percs every day for the paid members, its hard to beat man.

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