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Feeding advice for slow feeder


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Okay, so I got my new fish


(rock2) JuvBlueGirdledAngel.jpg(rock2)


So, my problem is that he's still pretty shy, and a bit of a slow feeder. He's eating - I see him pick at the food (Rod's) that i put in. But he hasn't yet figured out that I'm the food source. Where as the clown (mostly the female) is 1/2 out of the water before the food hit's the tank. She is very aggressive and has a fat belly before the shy angel even realizes there's food floating around.


Is there a method or strategy that others have found to get food to the slow feeders until they figure out the system? Do I just over feed the tank for a while?



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I'm not an expert by any means, but have you thought about putting the food(not sure what type of food you feed or in what shape/form you have it in) for the clown on one seaweed clip and have another clip farther away for the new fish? At least that would allow it to feed an perhaps not have the clown spook it from coming up to feed. Then you can gradually train it to get used to you


Just and idea

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With new fish' date=' I over feed for a week or two.[/quote']


Same here.


Is this fish in your reef?


If so, just keep feeding unless you want to trap your other fish and separate them for a few days or so until the angel starts eating.


Beautiful fish BTW.

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Is this fish in your reef?


Yep. I did actually think about catching the clown and putting the in a QT for a couple week - would be pretty easy to do, though, since they come right to the surface at feeding time.


I'll give it a few days and keep over feeding a bit. If the Angel doesn't seem to be getting a larger share, i'll see about moving the clowns out.


Thanks for the advice, everyone!

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