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It's SO HUMID!!!!!!!!!!


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LOL! Ya its crazy... It will all be gone today.. so go get a dehumidifier... he he he he



Had a dehuidifier, gave it to the kids. They have a basement. Then, just after posting this AM. LOST POWER, Well power is back, and AC on. i went to CRPC and bought 2 batterie air pumps. I figure at the very least to have air in the tanks. So I'm ready!!!!!! Bring it on, oh yea, got to get batteries nowDOH!

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I have to open the windows all day and night for 2 nights, its been so warm and humid i'm not getting any evaporation from the tank, and my display tank got up to 84, 82 in my prop tank.


I never had a heat issue all summer, in the summer the hottest i got was 79-80, and i barely ever ran the AC

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