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To DIP or not to DIP? That is the question


To DIP or not to DIP? That is the question  

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    • I dip everything that is in my tank
    • Only retailers or local reefers I dont have expirience with
    • Never have
    • Dip? Onion is the best!

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i hope this doesnt show how careless people are with other things , like sex....sheesh


we need to have the same mentality as people practicing safe sex....


i hope this post wasnt inappropiate in this section, sorry if it was,or if i offended anyone by saying the "s" word.......later

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Wait till they have to battle something like AEFW, redbugs, or nudis. Then they will be dipping EVERYTHING!


I even contimplated dipping everything when i transfer it to my 75! Thats how anal I have become about it.



lol.........i DID on my last transfer.


Once youve felt the pain.......you trust NOBODY, not even yourself ;)


Way more people have the above mentioned pests than realize it.

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