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My latest addition, Thanks Nick


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I went over to Rose City Aquarium yesterday with the intention of picking up a used Refractometer that Nick was giving me a deal on. I have a hard time leaving there without more than I went in for and yesterday was no exception. Nick gave me a deal I just couldn't pass up on this beautiful carpet anemone (If I'm correct this is a Stichodactyla Haddoni AKA Haddon's Carpet Anemone). Initially I thought it would be around 6" in diameter as it wasn't fully expanded at the store. (I just happened to be there when there wasn't any light on the tank) After having a chance to acclimate and settle in some it's more like 10" across and may expand a couple of more inches yet. This one is a little different than my last one as it has lighter colored stripes in it. I have to say this is one of the best finds I've made in a couple of months. (I've been looking for a carpet like this for a few months now) Once again Thanks Nick.




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That did not take long for the clown to find!


LOL, It only took it a couple of hours. Today I swiped the frogspawn from the Black and White Clowns hoping they will go to it instead but they are still hanging around the area where the frogspawn was. All 3 generally hang out together for the most part though so as long as the Cinnamon stays on the other side of the tank then I think the oscellaris will all end up in it. (Twice before the Cinnamon has swiped whatever they were hosting)


Another funny tidbit is that it crawled inside a 4" flower pot that was in the corner (the foot is about the size of the the flower pot). If it stays there the pot works perfect to keep it facing the front of the tank and I can move it easily if I have to.


BTW, I used reef gloves to put it into the tank after what it did to your hand yesterday.

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Thanks, Here are a few more pics I took today. These two have been playing around in it all day long. Basically they were chasing each other through it. One would dive in and disappear, then the other would go in after it and the first would pop out. Funny to watch.







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