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Moving sale


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lots of sps huge pieces!

frags $10.00 mother $40.00

three headed bright torch $30

pair of saddle clowns $40.00

Huge seabea green with blue tips $50.00

leapard wrasse $20.00

orange linkia star $15.00

free three bar damsel

7-8 astrea snails $5.00 10 blue leg hermits $1.00 piece

two emerald crabs $3.00 each

sand siffting cucumber $5.00

brittle star $8.00

really nice purpled up real tonga rock price pending

free live sand and sea weed

great little blue porcelan crab reef safe $10.00

pistol shrimp bullseye $10.00

have two two little fishes reactors with pumps $20.00 each

250 watt double ended mh. pendent with ballast with 15k bulb hamilton $100.00

small bubble king knock off skimmer $50.00

little sump $40.00

two nice return pumps $20.00 each

48inch PFO pendent dual 400 watt mh with new XM 20k bulbs and dual vho with new blue bulbs and a dual 400 watt ballast and dual vho ballast with hanging kit $500.00 obo

more you buy cheaper the prices

plus will give a deal of a life time for a complete tank with stand, sorry no picts have no camera so deal with it, also dont care to read comments on here and wont respond so call me please. also wont answer to pm's so please dont send em, I know people will anyhow because this sight is full of really smart people and you will be past up!

also live stock goes first so give a call and all right down what you want and a name, must all go so please atleast call and make me an offer! can send crappy phone picts if you must see somthing!

Josh- (503)933-7745

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Do you even know this person? Why would you post something rude? These types of posts should not be done. Classifieds is to post something or respond to an ad.

drunkreefer is a very nice person who would give you the shirt off his back. An apology would be appropriate.

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HA! Ca2OR!! Dude!! You need to call him. He's not answering anything. And Frank called him 2 seconds after this posted and swooped up the leopard wrasse!!! Gaw!! I was bummed!!!


called and left message for linka and wrasse and haven't heard back. Hence the post. In hindsight, I didn't want the wrasse....I have another one on the way but different kind. But I do want the linka.

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