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I want one of these!!!!!


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Marineland Saltwater Mixer/Dispenser

* FREE 150 gallons of Instant Ocean or Reef Crystals Salt Mix

* Easy-to-use precision saltwater mixer

* 110 gallon graduated replenishment reservoir

* Sleek powder-coated tubular steel frame




Mix, store, and dispense saltwater like the professionals. Commercial-grade powder-coated tubular steel frame houses a 110-gallon graduated replenishment reservoir powered by its 500-gph high capacity water pump. Convenient, efficient, and precise way to mix large amounts of saltwater for properly mixed, hassle-free saltwater on demand. Save time and money by buying bulk. Pump-driven fill nozzle for easy dispensing of saltwater. Indispensable for the serious marine hobbyist. ETL-certified. 20" x 28-1/2" x 87" high.


Only $2149.99...

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For that much money it should come with a heater, a chiller, and a flow meter for your skimmer waste integrated into your auto top off so it allows you to skim SUPER wet, and replenishes both fresh AND ASW to compensate for evaporation AND the saltwater taken out by your skimmer eliminating the need to do manual water changes as all water changes would take place exiting via your skimmer.......


THAT...i might consider spending a coupla grand on.


Im actually working on a concept something like that...........for a coupla grand less and a little more hands on involved....... : )

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For that much money' date=' it should come with a trio of tiny asian women that pop out of the base and begin to, ah, well you know, they start a,... polishing your toe nails or somethin'. R2R2[/quote']





OR a perfect family......either one would be well worth the 2 grand :D

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