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Chiller Temp question


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Hey Mike,

When I had this hooked up to my tank, I had the chiller set to 78. The temp on the chiller would rise to 80 and then kick on until it brought it back down (in the chiller) to 78. The temp in the tank rarely rose above 78.6 or 7 even though the chiller temp rose to 80. It is set to kick on 2 degrees above what you have it set to. It's hard to imagine both thermo's being out, but it could happen. Try another for a reality check.

How the chiller performs, is related to the size of the pump hooked up to it. At first, I tried a Quiet One 4000 and it wasn't enough head, I then tried a Quiet One 4000 High Head and it worked very well. I have that same pump hooked up to the 1/4 horse I got from Michael7979 and it is working flawlessly.

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Hey Mike, Yeah you never know. I had two really cheap ($6.00 Corallife rip-off) thermometers and they both read within .5 deg of each other and MY wife's digital cooking thermometer. I guess they're hit or miss.


I hope the chiller works well for you. It sure kept my tank cool thru the summer.



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