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Placing Order for Southdown Sand!! 49 cents a pound


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Ok I will be placing a older for southdown sand. The sand will take 2 weeks to get here. Here are some more details.



Sand: This beautiful creamy white sand is carefully harvested directly from the blue Caribbean waters in its natural state. Composed of tiny shells and degraded coral, this sand flows smoothly between the fingers.


Please note: Because this is natural Aragonite sand, dust is present. The dust is tested safe for crystalline silica and lead and does not contain toxins, however we find it is best suited for outdoor sandboxes, surfacing and aquariums rather than indoor sandboxes due to the dust created by the tiny shells in the sand.


"Aragonite sand is found in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Aragonite forms an immense underwater desert covering thousands of square miles containing billions of tons of sand, and the sand is continuously replenished through a process of precipitation. Aragonite is responsibly harvested in coral free areas of the seabed, remote from marine habitats. In over 20 years of harvesting there has been no harm to marine life as the greatest care is taken to protect the pristine seascape in order to bring you the safest and most beautiful sand in the world." Steve Dowd, Caribbean Beach Sand



Let me know how much you want to order. This is a group buy and all orders must be paid for in advance!!!


Members ---------- Pounds -------- Price/paid/unpaid

dj_gainotti -------- 400 -------- $200paid

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I found a good deal so I am trying to take advantage of it. I just was not getting the feel that anyone was going to pull the trigger. I can get the sand for just under 49 cents a pound shipped to my door as long as I order a ton. There is no forklife needed and it only takes about 2 weeks

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