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The Golden Coast


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We just retruned from Kona and this trip spent time looking for out of the way places to snorkel. The Kona coast is known for the abundance of Yellow Tangs, there are places you can walk out onto the rocks and see the gold shimmer in the water where schools are just below the surface feeding on algae (hence the nickname)

These pictures are two different areas we found, the second is Kealakekua Bay, also known as Captain Cook, a popular spot but we were told by a local to go to the south side of the bay to a small park (my parents didnt even know about) the fish were amazing. The shoreline is all rock with a small inlet where the bottom is sand, you can sit, put on your fins then swim right out on a wave.






If I tried to get closer or dive down the fish would scatter so this is the best I could get


Unfortunatly the tangs are in danger as Hawaii has no regulation on the taking of fish for what else?....right... the aquarium industry. I know this because my mom got me the book "Some fishes I Have Known" by Snorkel Bob for my birthday (50th by the way) and I'll tell you he is not an advocate of aquariums!. It is however a good book with great reef fish pictures and info on the hawaiian reefs but I did feel like hiding it from those that know about my aquarium, I'll have it at the meeting.

Anyway thats a subject for another time.


This was the longest we have been away, three weeks, and I decided to hire Tom from Upscales to come once a week, also the night we came home he came over to do a final cleaning which was great to walk in and see a clean aquarium. I would highly reccomend for those that travel to hire someone with experince to do weekly maintenence.


Tom did an excellent job with the list I gave him which included cleaning (which was way better than I do myself), adding kalk, changing filter pads, testing all parameters, checking salinity, cleaning the skimmers, washing out the filter sock and buffering the prop tanks in the garage. He called me each time and gave me a run down on everything with all three tanks. I had my fourteen year old son do the feeding and gave him a list of things to look for each day but we had a hard time communicating on things like how high was the water in the sump, I had showed him where the level should be based on the float valve but I should have made marks, normal, high and low that he could then relay to me. Next time I'll be more detailed and mark, write down, etc things like that.

I had my older son take care of the tank on past trips but the on our last trip in April it was my daughter that stopped by and noticed the carpet was all wet around the tank and asked him why the tank was full of air bubbles. A seam in the sump had a slight crack and had been slowly leaking for days. I called Tom to check it out and he had to replumb the overflow past the sump and into the fuge. My guess was my son was not checking things daily or for that matter even feeding the fish regularly....Oh well..Kids. This time I had my younger son call me every other day when he got home from school to go over things.


I think this would be a good topic for those that plan on traveling and will have someone look after their tank. It is definetly worth it to also pay an experienced person to check your tank while you are gone. Again a big THANKS to Tom from Upscales for an excellent job and the peace of mind that went with it :D

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very nice! I was in Maui last winter and am going to the big island in may for business (Ha poor me.) I am very excited. On maui when I was there there were not to many yellow tangs but a lot of convicts and nasos, as well as a many other species. I also agree having someone to look after your tank is a very nice thing to have, it keeps my peace of mind while im not in town!

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Let me know when you're going and I'll send you some info on places to go snorkeling We also saw lots of convict tangs, puffer fish and some beautiful colored wrasses about 6" or so. My other pictures didnt come out very well but i did get one of a large eel that swam right in front of me

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HI Steve, HAPPY BIRTDAY!!!! Glad you had a good trip and the tank is good. Did you go to "two step" ?




Thanks Beckie! we did go to Two step but there didnt seem to be as many fish as we have seen in the past, we had gotten down there a little late and it was kind of rough out so I didnt stay in very long

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