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sump design looking for feed back please


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So I am trying to design a basic sump for my new tank:D and there are some features I want it to have.


1. Easy access to filter socks.

2. Enclosed filter sock area for noise and splash control.

3. An area with a stable water level for my skimmer feed pump and calc reactor to sit in. Reactor is 11x11 foot print.

4. Enough water reserve as not to have top off daily.

5. Enough room to hold tank drain when power is shut off.


The maximum foot print can be 34"l-24"w-20"h

I drew up a rough design trying to cover the top criteria you guys got any feedback on it?

See anything jumping out as bone headed(scratch) or got a better design ideal? Please share.






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i think it looks fine, but i would recommend against dual filter socks. you really should be replacing filter socks often, the more often the better. probably every other day, maybe more if you feed often. having two filter socks will just increase your cost, and increase the amount of work for you, without really giving you anything.

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Thanks for the feedback but I have two returns so I want to feed each one into its own filter sock. I replace them every week or so and already own 6-7 of them. I just pull them out throw in the wash and put to fresh ones in new big deal.

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Sump layout looks fine Randy.


Like I said though, make sure that it is easy to get to the socks. Mine are a PITA to get to and I swap them out less because of it.


Have you considered feeding your skimmer from 1 overflow? That sure cut down on noise, and fliter sock changes for me.


What about topoff? Are you going to manually topoff of hook up an ATO?

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IN the top down drawing you see a dotted line crossing over the filter sock area this will be a removable top so i can get to those dang socks.

I think I will just be topping off i dont trust ATO that much it seems every other tank crash I read about is due to a ATO

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